I really enjoy providing remote technical support solutions. My most recent experience has been developing and deploying cloud-based web applications, providing remote technical support, trained end-users and remotely managed the Naval Research laboratory network in West Africa. I also work as a graduate research assistant for the college of science at George Mason University. The thing I am most proud of is the non-profit organization I founded called Young Vision Africa, founded during my senior year in high school. The main goal of my vision was to empower young leaders in developing nations to achieve a sustainable change in their communities by showing them God’s love in action and spirit.  YVA has already been able to provide housing, education, clean water and health services to people in Sierra Leone, and have recruited American sponsors to join the effort to help improve the lives of people there.

My involvement with Young Vision Africa has provided me the opportunity to speak globally about the issues and challenges in Africa including the recent Ebola crisis and I was a featured speaker at the opening ceremony for the college’s focus on sub-Saharan Africa, Ramapo College of New Jersey. I now have an amazing opportunity to help women fleeing domestic violence in my country by partnering with Unsilenced Voices. Upon my graduation from Ramapo College of New Jersey, I started a Christmas event (aka. Abdulai’s Christmas Campaign)https://www.switsalone.com/33795_500-kids-in-kono-celebrate-christmas-with-adbulais-christmas-campaign/  My current focus is on “Health Without Borders” and I have partnered with Thaakat Foundation (http://www.thaakatfoundation.org/our-projects/#sierraleone) for this vision.

Abdulai Swaray