Sahr Lebbie is an experienced Senior Security Engineer with over 7+ years of experience supporting large government and non-government organizations. Sahr is a dedicated learner with extensive experience as a Security Information and Event Management(SIEM) practitioner, especially as it relates to Splunk. He has consulted as a Splunk Resource with Government agencies such as the United States Department of Census Bureau, Department of Health and Human Services(HHS), Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA), and Department of Veteran's Affairs(VA). He has also deployed Splunk across well known Financial Agencies such as Wells Fargo. Outside of Splunk, he has worked in multi-tiered security capacity as an MSSP Security Architect utilizing technologies such as Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure, Redhat Cloudforms, Ansible, Syslog-Ng, R-Syslog, Linux, Active Directory, Docker, Palo Alto Traps and Next Generation Firewalls(NGFW), and a host of other technologies.

Around 2016, Sahr began training several junior and non-IT individuals about Splunk, Linux(Cents/RHEL), and AWS. In 2017, he formed a training and consulting company called Openpath LLC( In less than 3 years, his consulting firm has successfully consulted with 3 Fortune 500 Companies and also a major international body in Ghana as well as train over 20+ junior engineers. 

Sahr is one of the founding member of SLINT. He was contacted by a couple of junior engineers who requested a Webex(video conferencing) learning session with him individually. Sahr started a WhatsApp group, originally untitled, that grew in number fairly quickly and eventually became know as Sierra Leoneans In Technology(SLINT).

Outside of technology, Sahr is a U.S Soldier who has served 5+ years in the United States Army Reserves. He is a proud husband to Tierra Lebbie and dedicated father of two Daughters, McKenzie and Amie Lebbie. They currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. Sahr and Tierra are also proud Real Estate investors as well as business owners who co-own a Printing Company called Right By You Prints( Sahr received his Bachelors in Kinesiology from University of Maryland and his Masters in Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation from Salisbury University.

Sahr Lebbie