Aminata Kondeh

President and Board Member

Meet Aminata, a true champion of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and the President of Sierra Leoneans in Technology (SLinT). Through SLinT, Aminata has dedicated herself to providing mentorship and support to Sierra Leonean professionals while championing the cause of underrepresented groups in tech.

Aminata’s leadership skills are evidenced by her impressive career trajectory, which began as a Desktop Support Specialist and culminated in her current role as an Information Security Engineer at AccelerEd, where she supports the University of Maryland Global Campus Information Security Operations. Aminata’s academic achievements are equally impressive, including an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) degree in IT Networking, a Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity, and a Master’s in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations make her a highly skilled and knowledgeable IT professional.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Aminata is an avid outdoors person with interests that range from hiking and tennis to nature walks and reading. As a technology enthusiast, she is always up-to-date with industry trends and developments.

Aminata’s dedication to positively impacting her community is evident through her support of FambulTik and her role as a business partner at TpISENT. Her commitment to collaboration and value-driven work reflects her deep-rooted values and dedication to making a difference.

Overall, Aminata is a standout IT professional and community leader whose impressive professional achievements, diverse skills, and commitment to giving back make her an inspiring and admirable role model for aspiring IT professionals everywhere.

Phone Number:

+1 301 534-4813


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