Our vision is to build a vibrant and inclusive technology ecosystem in Sierra Leone where every technologist can thrive and contribute to the country’s development. We envision a future where technology is harnessed to address societal challenges, foster economic growth, and empower individuals and communities. Through our initiatives and collaborations, we aspire to position Sierra Leone as a hub of technological innovation and social impact, making a positive difference locally and globally.

We are Sierra Leoneans

Program Offerings

SLinT offers a diverse range of programs and initiatives, including technology training, workshops, mentorship programs, networking events, community outreach projects, and collaborative partnerships, all aimed at empowering Sierra Leonean technologists and advancing the influence of technology in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Focus Areas

SLinT operates in key focus areas, including but not limited to software development, cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and emerging technologies. By focusing on these areas, SLinT empowers its members to excel in these fields and contribute to the technological growth and innovation of Sierra Leone.


SLinT will make a significant impact by empowering its members to succeed in their technology careers, fostering a vibrant tech ecosystem in Sierra Leone, and supporting community development through technology-driven initiatives. 



SLinT actively collaborates with strategic partners, including organizations, educational institutions, and industry leaders, to foster a dynamic tech ecosystem, share resources and expertise, and collectively drive the advancement of technology in Sierra Leone, creating lasting impact and opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Community Engagement

SLinT actively engages with the local community through tech events, educational outreach programs, and volunteer initiatives to inspire and empower individuals, bridge the digital divide, and foster a supportive and inclusive tech community in Sierra Leone.

Future Goals

SLinT’s future goals encompass expanding its reach and impact by scaling its programs and initiatives, fostering strategic partnerships for increased influence, and creating a sustainable platform for technological innovation, education, and social change in Sierra Leone, ensuring a brighter, more inclusive technological future for all.

Join SLinT Today

Become part of a dynamic community passionate about technology. Take advantage of our programs, events, and resources to enhance your skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to the advancement of technology in Sierra Leone and beyond.
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