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SLinT offers four types of membership: General Membership, Business Membership, Student Membership, and Honorary Membership. General and Business memberships are paid memberships that provide members with access to a range of benefits, including networking opportunities, professional development resources, and the chance to participate in SLinT’s various projects and initiatives. Student Membership is free and open to students who are interested in technology and wish to get involved with SLinT’s work. Honorary Membership is a special type of membership that is offered to individuals who have made significant contributions to the technology industry or to SLinT itself. Each membership type offers a unique set of benefits and opportunities for members to connect with fellow technologists, build their skills, and contribute to SLinT’s mission of empowering Sierra Leonean technologists locally and in the diaspora.

The General membership level is tailored for individuals who are enthusiastic about supporting SLinT’s mission and initiatives. Individuals who join SLinT as general members can participate in various SLinT events, stay abreast of the organization’s development, and help shape its future. Additionally, general members can contribute to initiatives and promote the organization’s internal and external interests by joining the internal Technology Team (TechTeam), participating in committees, and taking on leadership responsibilities. General members may also have the opportunity to volunteer for SLinT initiatives and obtain useful technology experience.


  • A passion for technology and a desire to contribute to SLinT’s mission
  • Payment of the annual membership fee
  • Willingness to participate in SLinT’s various projects and initiatives

Membership Fee

  • Membership Fee: $15 per year (For applicants in Sierra Leone)
  • Membership Fee: $50 per year (For applicants in the diaspora)

This membership category is designed for businesses that want to support SLinT’s mission and initiatives. As business members of SLinT, organizations will have the opportunity to showcase their commitment to social responsibility and demonstrate their support for the technology sector in Sierra Leone. Members will receive recognition on the SLinT website, social media outlets, and in promotional materials, showcasing their involvement in SLinT’s efforts to promote technological advancement.

In addition to this recognition, business members can partner with SLinT on projects or events, potentially leading to increased brand awareness and community engagement. Members will also have access to a network of professionals and stakeholders in the technology sector, providing opportunities for collaboration and potential business opportunities. Furthermore, business members can attend SLinT events and participate in activities, potentially leading to valuable connections with other members and organizations in the field.

Finally, business members will receive regular updates on SLinT’s initiatives and have a voice in the organization’s direction. This level of involvement provides businesses with the opportunity to contribute to the development of the technology sector in Sierra Leone and in the diaspora while also promoting their own interests and values.


  • A company or organization involved in the technology industry
  • Payment of the annual membership fee
    Willingness to support SLinT’s mission and initiatives

Membership Fee

  • Membership Fee: $50 per year (For applicants in Sierra Leone)
  • Membership Fee: $150 per year (For applicants in the diaspora)

This membership category is specifically tailored for students interested in pursuing a career in technology and wanting to learn more about SLinT’s initiatives. As student members of SLinT, individuals can participate in various SLinT events, receive regular updates on SLinT’s mission and initiatives, and volunteer for the organization’s activities.

In addition, SLinT provides free membership to all students, allowing them to access the resources and opportunities offered by the organization without any cost. Student members may also have the chance to participate in SLinT’s mentorship program and intern with SLinT or its partner organizations, gaining valuable experience in the technology field.


  • Current enrollment in a school or university program
    Interest in technology and a desire to get involved in SLinT’s work
  • Commitment to volunteer and support SLinT’s initiatives

Membership Fee: Free

Honorary membership is reserved for individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of technology or to the mission of SLinT. These individuals are recognized for their achievements and leadership in the industry and are invited to join SLinT as honorary members as a token of appreciation for their contributions. Honorary members may receive special recognition on the SLinT website and in promotional materials. They may be able to participate in SLinT events or initiatives as guest speakers or advisors. While honorary members may not have the same level of involvement as other membership categories, their contributions and support are highly valued by SLinT; and they are crucial to the success of the organization. Requirements:
  • A distinguished individual who has made significant contributions to the technology industry or to SLinT itself
  • Approval of the SLinT Board of Directors
Membership Fee:
  • Donation/Sponsorship

Dear Prospective Member:

Thank you for wanting to join the Sierra Leoneans in Technology community! We want to start off by being transparent: The Sierra Leoneans in Technology organization (“SLinT”) is not affiliated with or endorsed by any government. We are a 501(c)(3) organization registered in the United States and in Sierra Leone. Our goal is to promote the development, growth, and advancement of technology in Sierra Leone. Empower individuals within the Sierra Leonean tech community at home and in the diaspora by providing them with resources, opportunities, and a supportive network. SLinT strives to foster innovation, collaboration, and skills development to drive positive change in the technology sector, contribute to economic growth, and enhance the overall well-being of the Sierra Leonean tech ecosystem.

We apologize for the length of this message. We believe in being transparent and sharing our vision and plans with you. So, before we proceed, let’s address a few important points upfront:

Your Contributions

We expect our members to contribute to SLinT by actively participating in the organization’s mission and activities. This can include taking leadership roles, sharing your knowledge, experiences, and insights with the community, engaging in discussions and collaborations, attending events and workshops, and taking advantage of the resources and opportunities provided by SLinT. We encourage you to contribute your skills, expertise, and perspectives to help drive the growth and development of the technology sector in Sierra Leone. You play a vital role in creating a vibrant and supportive SLinT community by actively engaging and contributing.

We highly value your efforts and want you to take pride in your contributions to SLinT. We will make every effort to acknowledge your contributions wherever feasible. However, please note that due to the nature of certain materials, we cannot guarantee recognition for every contributor or ensure equal recognition among all contributors.

How We Expect to Make Money

SLinT is expected to generate revenue through various means, including but not limited to:

  • Membership Fees: SLinT charges membership fees to individuals or businesses who wish to join and access exclusive benefits, resources, and events.
  • Sponsorships and Partnerships: SLinT can collaborate with businesses, organizations, or sponsors who share a common interest in promoting technology and offer sponsorship opportunities or partnership programs.
  • Events and Workshops: SLinT will organize paid public events, workshops, and training programs for businesses and individuals (non-members) who pay a fee to attend and gain valuable knowledge and skills.
  • SLinT will organize fundraising events for the organization and for specific programs.
  • SLinT will also charge a fee for its annual technology conference.
  • Donations/Grants/Sponsorships: SLinT can accept donations and apply for grants from businesses, individuals, foundations, or government institutions that support its mission and initiatives.
  • Product or Service Offerings: SLinT may develop and offer technology-related products, services, or tools that cater to the needs of its members or the wider community.


It’s important to note that the specific revenue streams and strategies adopted by SLinT may vary depending on its organizational structure, goals, and prevailing market conditions.

Membership Portal

Understanding the industry’s need for reliable technology-related information, we developed the membership portal to establish a distinction between publicly shared content and exclusive resources available to our members. The primary purpose of the portal is to foster knowledge sharing, provide valuable insights, and promote consistency within the SLinT Ecosystem. Access to the membership portal, including the opportunity to ask questions to fellow members, is reserved for registered members. We offer annual membership options for general individuals, students, and corporate entities.


SLinT aims to impact our community substantially, and we anticipate increased engagement from our members and membership expansion. Sponsorships provide an opportunity for organizations to demonstrate their dedication to fostering a robust ecosystem and advancing technology in our communities. Sponsors receive prominent visibility on the SLinT website and gain additional benefits, including participation in and recognition during our events.

Usability and Appearance

SLinT leverages the power of WordPress for a significant portion of its functionality, primarily for content management. While WordPress provides excellent capabilities, some user interfaces and other aspects may still feel a bit cumbersome. If you have experience in PHP coding, CSS, or other relevant functionalities, we would love to connect and explore opportunities to enhance the user experience and improve the usability of our website. Let’s have a conversation on how we can make our website more user-friendly together.

What’s in it for you?

We understand that we are asking for your active involvement and commitment. As mentioned earlier, we will make sincere efforts to acknowledge and appreciate your contributions to the organization through appropriate recognition on our website, programs, and events. Committed members will also receive a special SLinT’s Contributor badge and special recognition on our site. In the future, we may offer discounted memberships to those who serve as moderators or contribute in other capacities to show our gratitude for their valuable assistance.


We understand that our request entails a significant commitment, and we truly appreciate your willingness to contribute towards building a thriving SLinT community. Your interest and support mean a lot to us, and we eagerly anticipate your active participation!


Aminata Kondeh

Become a Member

Join SLINT and unlock a world of opportunities for professional growth, networking, and collaboration.

Membership Benefits

Networking Opportunities
Connect with like-minded individuals, professionals, and enthusiasts in the tech industry, fostering meaningful relationships, collaborations, and career opportunities.

Knowledge Sharing
Access a diverse range of tech-related discussions, resources, and events that facilitate continuous learning, skill development, and staying up to date with the latest trends and innovations.

Supportive Community
Become part of a supportive and inclusive community where you can seek guidance, mentorship, and encouragement to overcome challenges and achieve personal and professional growth.

Empowerment and Impact
Contribute to the advancement of technology in Sierra Leone and beyond, positively impacting the local tech ecosystem and driving innovation and progress.

Exclusive Opportunities
Gain access to exclusive events, workshops, and programs designed to empower members with unique career advancement and personal development opportunities.

Advocacy and Representation
Be part of a platform that advocates for the interests and visibility of Sierra Leoneans in the global tech landscape, promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry.

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