The SLinT committees are essential components of the organization, overseeing different areas of the operation. The Internal, External, Governance, and Technology Steering Committees, each with a specific focus, work to advance SLinT’s mission to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological development in Sierra Leone. Through the work of these committees, SLinT can achieve its goals of fostering a culture of technological innovation and improving the national technological landscape.

Internal Affairs Committee

The Internal Affairs Committee is vital to SLinT’s operations, overseeing financial procedures, fundraising, and evaluating key liabilities. The committee works diligently to ensure that SLinT operates efficiently and effectively and that its financial resources are managed responsibly. In addition, through its efforts, the Internal Affairs Committee helps to ensure that SLinT can continue to promote technological innovation and development in Sierra Leone.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee plays a critical role in SLinT’s operations, overseeing the recruitment and onboarding of new directors. In addition, this committee ensures that SLinT’s leadership team is composed of experienced, qualified individuals committed to promoting technological innovation and development in Sierra Leone. Through its efforts, the Governance Committee helps to ensure that SLinT remains a well-governed organization with a strong and effective leadership team.

External Affairs Committee

The External Affairs Committee is responsible for promoting SLinT’s mission and values to the broader public. In addition, this committee works to develop and execute marketing and outreach strategies, manage SLinT’s media presence, and gather feedback from the audience. Through its efforts, the External Affairs Committee helps to ensure that SLinT maintains a positive and impactful presence in the Sierra Leonean technology sector and beyond.

Tech Steering Committee

The Technology Steering Committee, led by Thomas Kaikai, is responsible for identifying and prioritizing initiatives that can positively impact the technological landscape in Sierra Leone. In addition, this committee works to promote public awareness about the potential of technology to drive development while also developing concrete measures to improve access to technology and digital literacy across the country. The Technology Steering Committee is key in advancing SLinT’s vision of a more technologically advanced and equitable Sierra Leone through its work.

SLinT Tech-Team

The TechTeam is not a committee; it’s a diverse and skilled group of technology enthusiasts led by Abdul Malik Jalloh. Their responsibilities include providing technical support for all SLinT programs and events, managing social media accounts, developing digital content, maintaining SLinT’s accounts, domains, and website, recommending technical resources, and offering technical assistance for projects and events. The TechTeam may also extends its expertise to SLinT’s partners to help them advance their technical skills.

Who We Are

"We are committed to promoting innovation and driving positive change while inspiring the next generation of technology leaders in the country." - SLinT TSC

"We are dedicated to leveraging technology to benefit all Sierra Leoneans. We aim to build a more equitable and prosperous future through innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence." - SLinT

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