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The SLinT Advisory Board is a group of highly accomplished professionals who have played a critical role in SLinT’s growth and success. Comprised of former members of the Board of Directors and SLinT founders, the Advisory Board offers a wealth of experience and expertise in various tech industry areas, including engineering, business, development, and education.

Their collective knowledge and experience provide valuable insights and strategic guidance to help shape the organization’s vision and mission and ensure that SLinT continues to be a leader in promoting innovation and technology in Sierra Leone. In addition, as former leaders of SLinT, members of the Advisory Board bring a unique perspective and deep understanding of the organization’s history, values, and goals.

Their dedication and passion for promoting innovation and technology in Sierra Leone are unparalleled. Their commitment to SLinT’s mission is unwavering. Through their continued leadership and support, the Advisory Board is helping to inspire a new generation of tech leaders and innovators in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Guided by the Brightest Minds in Technology

Tamba is an experienced business executive, serial entrepreneur, and technology architect with over 20 years of expertise. He is passionate about creating digital experiences that improve people’s lives and productivity. Tamba has founded multiple successful ventures, including TpESTATE Developers, TpISENT, Fambul Tik, T4D Corporation, and more. He is known for advocating for civic technology initiatives that combat corruption and enhance transparency in Sierra Leone and Africa. Tamba’s accomplishments include the development of an open election data platform,, and his current role as a Senior Technology Architect at Accenture. He holds advanced degrees from prestigious institutions and is pursuing a doctoral degree while researching software framework architecture.

As the former President of SLinT, Tamba has demonstrated unwavering dedication and support for the organization’s success. His commitment to SLinT’s mission and his role as a member of the Advisory Board make him a constant source of strength and a pivotal figure within SLinT. Tamba’s invaluable contributions and guidance have played a crucial role in shaping and fortifying the organization.

Tamba Lamin

Tamba S. Lamin

Founder | Advisor | Former President

Alie Bangura

Founder | Advisor | Former Secretary General

Alie is a seasoned Director of Information Technology with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. He is dedicated to improving organizational technology infrastructures and service delivery to maximize productivity and profitability. With a strong track record of success at renowned companies such as RELI Group, NewWave Telecom and Technologies, the USDA, and the United Nations, Alie brings expertise in strategy development, cybersecurity, network engineering, applications development, systems integration, and project management.

Alie’s notable achievements include extensive experience in technology strategy, data centres, cloud computing, enterprise architecture, Microsoft 365 and Azure, Google Workspace, and AWS Cloud Technologies. As a staunch supporter of SLinT’s success, Alie is committed to leveraging his leadership skills and guiding teams towards outstanding results. He believes in continuous improvement and staying abreast of industry best practices, making him a valuable asset to SLinT.

Aminata is a dedicated professional who transitioned from an international development humanitarian role to becoming a skilled product manager. She is driven by a passion for solving problems and has a specialization in developing and launching technology products that have a meaningful impact on global audiences.

She is the Creator behind Readers Inspired, an online platform encompassing a book catalog, recommendations, and a web application, found at Moreover, she is the author of “The Biggest Little Brother” and “The Taste of Home.” Her strong conviction lies in the idea that offering access to books as windows and mirrors to the world from a young age fosters cultural awareness and captivates readers of all kinds.

With her expertise in driving product innovation, data analytics, user research, machine learning, and leadership, Aminata has consistently delivered successful outcomes throughout her career. She has worked across 12 countries, including Ghana, India, England, and Kenya, giving her a unique perspective on driving innovation in emerging and mature markets. Aminata’s experience working with multicultural cross-functional teams has further enhanced her ability to navigate diverse environments and bring out the best in her colleagues.

As a former secretary, Aminata played a pivotal role in the success of SLinT. Her support as an advisory board member is invaluable to the organization, providing guidance and insights to foster growth and achievement. Aminata’s wide-ranging experience, proficiency in management, and steadfast dedication to driving significant societal change position her as an invaluable asset to SLinT’s mission.

Aminata Jalloh

Advisor | Former Board Member | Author & Founder

Evelyn Lewis

Advisor | Former PRO

Evelyn is a highly accomplished Entrepreneur and Techpreneur and a seasoned corporate sales executive with a track record of success. With a deep passion for innovation, Evelyn thrives on building businesses from the ground up and has a proven ability to foster growth and development. His expertise lies in growing existing portfolios through nurturing strong relationships with internal teams, clients, and partners. In addition, Evelyn’s leadership skills and mentorship capabilities have earned him recognition as a valuable asset in environments that value talent and results.

With extensive international travel experience encompassing over 32 countries, Evelyn brings a global perspective to his work. He has achieved remarkable sales results, with multi-million dollar successes individually and as part of collaborative teams. Evelyn’s entrepreneurial journey includes three successful startups and multiple board positions, with investments in innovative applications, real estate ventures, and a passion for cybersecurity training, support, placements, and outsourced services.

Evelyn’s diverse skill set includes expertise in pandemic technology solutions, biometrics, team building, idea implementation, sales strategies, training, and mentoring. He possesses fluency in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Krio. Evelyn’s entrepreneurial drive, extensive knowledge, and multi-faceted abilities make him an invaluable asset to SLinT.

Josh is a distinguished professional with expertise as a Global Software/Systems Reliability Leader, Technical Consultant, Mentor/Coach, and Subject Matter Expert. With a dynamic and well-rounded skill set, he brings immense value to SLinT through his strong work ethic and core values.

Josh is characterized by his energetic approach and ability to swiftly adapt to new technologies and procedures with unwavering enthusiasm and integrity. In addition, his extensive knowledge of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and experience providing preventative and predictive software and systems design consultation make him an invaluable asset. With a focus on reliability and quality, Josh specializes in utilizing strategies such as Design for Reliability, P-Diagrams, Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), and Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) in medical technology systems and software risk analysis.

In addition to his technical expertise, Josh possesses exceptional leadership skills that drive tangible results. Furthermore, he is a dedicated advocate and supporter of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, demonstrating his commitment to fostering learning and development in these critical fields.

Overall, Josh’s dedication to excellence, technical acumen, and commitment to promoting STEM education aligns perfectly with the values and goals of SLinT, making him an indispensable asset to the organization.

Joshua Kamanda

Advisory Board Member

Gad Swaray

Founder | Former Whip | Advisor

Gad’s strength lies in his exceptional analytical skills, enabling him to assess organizational needs and define comprehensive requirements. In addition, he has a proven ability to develop value-added solutions that optimize operational efficiency and drive tangible improvements. Whether designing network architectures, implementing innovative solutions, or troubleshooting complex technical issues, Gad consistently delivers results.

One of Gad’s key strengths is his proficiency in effective communication, allowing him to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders. This skill enables him to effectively collaborate with diverse teams and convey complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner.

Additionally, Gad excels in documenting system specifications and creating policies that align with the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the industry. With his extensive experience and versatile skill set, Gad’s contributions to SLinT are invaluable. His ability to streamline operations, implement innovative solutions, and adapt to changing environments makes him a valuable asset in driving the organization’s success.

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