Meet the Board

The board of directors at SLinT brings together a diverse range of technology and leadership skills, ensuring the organization’s success. With their expertise in cybersecurity, software engineering, data analysis, and project management, the board members can provide strategic guidance and make informed decisions that drive technological advancements and promote growth. In addition, their ability to align technology initiatives with the organization’s goals helps SLinT stay at the forefront of technological innovation, adapt to industry trends, and deliver impactful solutions to benefit the community and stakeholders.

A skilled Security Engineer serving as the President of SLinT and showcasing her leadership capabilities by actively contributing to the technology field and striving for a structured tech ecosystem in SL.

Alimamy Conteh

Vice President

Is a sustainability leader and STEM advocate who actively promotes environmental sustainability and encourages interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Abdul Malik Jalloh

TechTeam Leader

A Developer and Security Engineer who has trained aspiring Developers and individuals in cybersecurity. He creates and leads the SLinT TechTeam demonstrating his leadership in technology-related initiatives.

Adrian Labor

Director of Finance

A proficient Civil Engineer with combined expertise in Information and Communication Technology applications for civil and municipal engineering. He is serving as the Director of Technology and Finance for SLinT.

Member Services Director

Agatha Deen

Director of MS

As Member Services Director, Agatha leads initiatives enhancing member experiences, facilitates impactful programs, and pioneers innovative service solutions, fueled by her commitment to technology.

Sal Kuyateh

Lead Developer

An experienced Freelance Software Engineer with expertise in Security, Code Audit, Bug Bounty Hunting, and Vyper; Sal also possesses leadership abilities to manage his role effectively

Mohamed Lebbie

Board Member

A Cyber Security Practitioner with a Master’s degree in Cyber Security and Incident Response specializes in data processing, web application security, network security, and malware analysis. As a board director at SLinT, Mohamed leads technology initiatives with his expertise.

PRO and Marketing Director

Yenoh Kanu

PRO&Marketing Dir

Yenoh excels in crafting SLinT’s brand message, driving innovative marketing strategies, and building strong public relations, significantly enhancing community engagement and presence in the global technology landscape.

"The board of directors at SLinT is a powerhouse of technology and leadership, driving innovation and transforming possibilities into realities. With their expertise and unwavering commitment, they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, propelling SLinT to new heights and shaping a future that is truly transformative." - Aminata

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