Technology Steering Committee

The Technology Steering Committee (TSC) serves as the leading national authority of SLinT in shaping the future of Information Technology. With a focus on research, policies recommendations, procedures, and standards, the TSC influences technology development and fosters collaborative partnerships to align technology decisions, initiatives, and resources. In addition, as a vital liaison with other organizational and governance authorities, the TSC works side by sid with SLinT’s leadership team, ensuring effective communication and facilitating responsibilities and expectations for the committee. Together, we drive technology change, enhance awareness, promote efficiencies, and position SLinT for for future growth.

"Empowering Technology's Journey, Guiding Tomorrow's Innovation"


As a developing country, Sierra Leone does not have a home-grown, organic ‘policy/solution advisory’ group, particularly focused on technology advancements – or, more so, technology insertion challenges!

  • No Salone SMEs furthering multilateral and local technology research initiatives into guided implementations
  • Salone relies on foreign policy ideas -often from think tanks, research centers and consultancies set up in developed countries to lobby and influence international aid agencies.
  • Numerous tech advancement initiatives with minimal to no systemic impact – sparse, localized impact

Our Vision

  • Become a credible collective of thought leaders in technology – akin to a homegrown think tank: committed to understanding, informing and influencing policies concerning technology development and advancement in Sierra Leone.
  • Provide strategic guidance on technology insertion challenges to stakeholders and policymakers across multiple sectors.

Our Mission


We aim to establish ourselves as a reputable and influential collective of technology thought leaders akin to a homegrown think tank. We are dedicated to comprehensively understanding, effectively informing, and positively influencing technology development and advancement in Sierra Leone.

Tom is a highly accomplished and dedicated technology professional who has significantly impacted the industry. With a remarkable 14-year tenure as a Program Manager at Northrop Grumman, he has gained extensive expertise in managing complex technology projects and driving innovation. However, Thomas’s passion extends beyond his professional achievements.

Recognizing the untapped potential of Sierra Leone in the technology sector, Thomas took the initiative to establish the Technology Steering Committee within the Sierra Leoneans in Technology (SLinT) organization. This committee is a crucial pillar in SLinT’s efforts to elevate the country’s technological landscape and bring it on par with global standards.

The Technology Steering Committee plays a pivotal role in SLinT’s mission to empower Sierra Leoneans in technology. By harnessing its members’ collective knowledge, experience, and skills, the committee identifies strategic initiatives and implements measures to drive progress and innovation.

The committee’s importance lies in its ability to provide valuable insights, guidance, and direction to SLinT’s initiatives. Through collaborative efforts, the committee ensures that SLinT remains at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling Sierra Leoneans to participate actively in the digital revolution. It promotes sharing best practices, encourages knowledge exchange, and fosters a supportive environment for members to thrive.

Thomas’s passion for seeing Sierra Leone rise to the global technology standard drives his dedication to the Technology Steering Committee. He envisions a future where Sierra Leone becomes a hub of technological innovation, creating opportunities for its citizens and contributing to the country’s overall development. His leadership and expertise inspire others within SLinT to join the cause and work collectively towards this transformative vision.

Tom Kaikai

TSC Leader | Former Board Member

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