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SLinT's Comprehensive Review of the Sierra Leone's Cybercrime Act, 2020

Sierra Leone’s Cybersecurity and Crime Act, enacted in November 2021, marks a significant step in regulating online communications and transactions, and modernizing the criminal justice system. In this comprehensive blog post, SLinT’s team of experts provides an in-depth analysis of the Act. We explore its objectives, such as preventing the abusive use of computers, collecting electronic evidence for cybercrime prosecution, protecting critical national information infrastructure, and safeguarding individuals from cyberbullying. Our review also scrutinizes the Act’s powers and procedures addressing unauthorized access, data interception, computer-related forgery, identity theft, and impersonation. Additionally, we examine its provisions for mutual assistance in trans-border data access and real-time traffic data collection, as well as the audit and inspection of critical infrastructures. This balanced evaluation aims to inform and enlighten our community about the Act’s impact on Sierra Leone’s digital landscape.

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