Call for Panelists and Individual Speakers

SLinT Tech Expo 2025

Be a Part of "Innovation Without Borders"

The Sierra Leoneans in Technology (SLinT) community invites you to share your expertise at our upcoming Tech Expo, scheduled for May 10, 2025, at the University of Maryland. This year’s theme is “Innovation Without Borders,” focusing on groundbreaking technologies and ideas that drive African progress. We seek knowledgeable and dynamic panelists and individual speakers with tech and innovative experience in Africa to contribute to this transformative event.

Topics and Objectives

Topic: AI and Blockchain for Africa - Pioneering Sustainable Development

  • Identify Key Problems: Illuminate critical issues facing Africa that can be effectively tackled with AI and blockchain, such as inefficient public services, government sector corruption, and financial inclusion barriers.
  • Discuss Challenges: Explore the technological, infrastructural, and socio-economic challenges in adopting these technologies in various African contexts.
  • Propose Solutions: Outline how AI can enhance decision-making processes and how blockchain can create transparent systems, fostering trust and efficiency.
  • Showcase Benefits: Illustrate the benefits of integrating these technologies through case studies and success stories.

Topic: Harnessing Global Innovation for Africa's Future

  • Summarize Key Insights: Recap the main points and lessons learned from the event’s discussions and presentations.
    Emphasize the Importance of Global
  • Innovation: Highlight the role of global technological advancements in addressing Africa’s challenges and opportunities.
    Encourage Ongoing
  • Collaboration: Inspire attendees to continue working together, sharing knowledge, and leveraging collective expertise to drive progress.
    Motivate for Future
  • Actions: Urge participants to apply the insights and strategies discussed to create impactful and sustainable solutions for Africa’s development.

Topic: Driving Change: Collaboration, Commitment, Leadership, Trust, and Accountability in Innovation

  • Fostering Collaboration: Discuss the importance of collaborative efforts in creating innovative solutions and overcoming industry challenges.
  • Commitment: Explore the impact of steadfast commitment in driving projects to fruition and how it sustains long-term initiatives.
    Inspiring through
  • Leadership: Examine different leadership styles and their effectiveness in inspiring innovation and guiding change.
  • Cultivating Trust: Analyze the crucial role of trust in building solid partnerships and its influence on the success of collaborative ventures.
  • Accountability: Delve into the necessity of maintaining integrity and transparency in innovative processes, enhancing outcomes and trust among stakeholders.

Topic: Renewable Energy in Africa - Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities


  • Examine Key Trends: Explore current and emerging trends in renewable energy within Africa, such as the rapid growth of solar power installations, the expansion of wind energy projects, and the innovative use of bioenergy resources.
  • Identify Challenges: Address the barriers to renewable energy adoption, including financial constraints, infrastructural deficits, and regulatory uncertainties that hinder large-scale implementation.
  • Opportunities: Outline the opportunities that renewable energy presents for economic diversification, job creation, and energy access, particularly in rural and underserved communities.
  • Showcase Benefits: Illustrate the environmental and economic benefits of transitioning to renewable energy, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced energy independence, and increased resilience against energy price volatility.

Topic: The Future of Connectivity in Africa


  • Identify Current Challenges: Address limited internet access, infrastructure deficiencies, and the urban-rural connectivity gap.
  • Explore Innovative Solutions: Showcase initiatives like expanding broadband networks, deploying satellite internet, and leveraging mobile technologies to enhance connectivity.
  • Highlight Socio-Economic Benefits: Demonstrate how improved connectivity drives economic growth, educational opportunities, healthcare access, and social inclusion.
  • Future Trends and Opportunities: Discuss emerging technologies and partnerships that could shape the future of connectivity in Africa.

Application Requirements

Who Should Apply?
Experts with tech and innovative experience in Africa.

Industry leaders, academics, policymakers, and technology enthusiasts with a passion for innovation and sustainable development in Africa.

How to Apply

To apply as a panelist or an individual speaker, please submit the following by September 30, 2024

A brief biography (max 200 words)
A summary of your proposed talk or panel discussion contribution (max 500 words)
Key takeaways for the audience
Previous speaking experience (if any)

Submission Instructions
Please send your application to [email protected] with the subject line “SLinT Tech Expo 2025 Speaker Application – [Your Name]“.

For more information or any queries, visit our website at

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